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Program Structure

Inquiry - based Learning

Student Role: Ask questions and take responsibility to find and share their learning

Teacher Role: Teach how to ask a variety of questions; teach research skills; teach students how to assimilate data; teach presentation skills; provide opportunities for and encourage all of the above

Thematic Instruction

Integration of curriculum disciplines into 6 broad, over-arching themes determined by IB.

Teacher must collaborate to address both the thematic descriptions and the California standards both within each grade level and across grade levels.



Refers to mindset of cultural openness. It embodies an acceptance of the beliefs, cultural practices and values of others regardless of their differences.

Global Thinking

Teachers must craft their thematic units to be transposable throughout time and space. The global thinking student is able to analyze how individual events and phenomena relate to the human experience across generations and geography.

Character Development and Social Responsibility

The IB Attitudes and Student Profile establish a description of the successful IB student. Monthly assemblies and frequent references to these descriptors develop the students' skill in recognizing these traits within others (in literature and in life) and in themselves (through reflective writing and discussion.)