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The Sage Garden Project


The Sage Garden Project is a program that brings gardens, cooking classes, and nutritional science – as well as opportunities for physical activity and exercise – to targeted elementary schools. The goal of the program is to reduce the incidence of diabetes. Because the disease is developing at an epidemic rate in the Hispanic/Latino population, schools with a large percentage of these students are targeted for participation.

We know that planting and nurturing fruit and vegetables makes kids more likely to try – and actually enjoy – eating these healthy foods they might otherwise dismiss. By capitalizing on this with fun, hands-on activities, supported by nutritional science and cooking skills, The Sage Garden Project is laying the groundwork for the success of improved school lunches, and a lifetime of optimal health.

The Sage Garden Project is the brainchild of a benevolent couple. He is a celebrated scientist who has numerous prestigious awards and recognition for his lifelong work in medical science. He has made important contributions in diabetes research and treatment, which led to these efforts toward prevention. She is an inspirational artist who formerly led a cooking school in Tuscany. As a parent, she taught cooking at daughter Sage’s school, and discovered how much students learned about math, following directions, and life skills. Together, they have a vision to improve world health, and The Sage Garden Project is one of the many efforts they are funding toward that goal.