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Fifth Grade

Current I.B. Theme: How We Express Ourselves -Exhibition 2023

Transdisciplinary theme:

How We Express Ourselves- An inquiry into the local and global issues. The process of identifying a need and the action that can affect the need or issue and how constant reflection and cooperation can help resolve problems.

Central Idea:

Humans can help solve worldwide issues locally and globally.

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • There are problems that we can address.

  • I can take action that will affect local or global issues.

  • There are reliable research sources.

Key Concepts

• Causation – What is causing the problem?

• Perspective – Why is it a problem?

• Reflection – What can we do about it?


Here is a quick link to the California Standards for the different academic subjects

As you can see, if you go to the site, our fifth graders have much to learn this year.

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