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Please use this link to fill out the CUSD Volunteer Application. Pursuant to the August 11, 2021 Public Health Order, we are required to verify the vaccine status of all volunteers, including collecting proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Volunteering at Jefferson can be rewarding for you - and your child will love to see you on campus helping!

PTA Volunteers perform a variety of services at Jefferson. They are not hired employees of the school or school district. Volunteers are crucial to offering our children the most well-rounded educational experience that Jefferson can provide. 

Volunteer opportunities are everywhere!

There are so many ways to get involved. You can choose an activity that regularly takes one hour a week, or a project that can be done at home, or join a committee. You can become a room parent, volunteer in your child's classroom, help with field trips or take on a PTA position. There are other opportunities throughout the year when we need volunteers, such as Red Ribbon Week, Book Fairs, Jogathon and Jefferson's Multicultural Festival. This year, the PTA is currently in need of leaders to help with:


  • Field Trip Driver Forms and Insurance (optional, only for volunteers wishing to drive on field trips.)


PDF of Volunteer Opportunities (downloadable form in English and Spanish).


For more details about volunteer opportunities, visit the school front office, email PTA at


  • Do sign in & out of the office every time/every shift. This is how we keep track of you in case of an emergency.
  • Do have positive energy and respect for all kids!
  • Do switch cell phone to “silent” mode in classrooms.
  • Don’t talk on cell phones in the classroom.
  • Do be reliable--please call your teacher and let them know if you can’t make it. Work with your room parent to get a substitute list as well


A Volunteer Form and Code of Conduct form is required to Volunteer at Carlsbad Unified Schools. If you are driving for a Field Trip, you will need all 3 forms and the cover page of your Insurance Policy. Thank you! 

Please note volunteers no longer need to submit a TB test along with the volunteer application.