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Our goal is to implement a Spanish Program that allows students to learn a new language and practice it by using it in everyday settings. 

The Spanish Program at Jefferson will consist of the following: 

  • Classroom integration of the language. (Counting, Alphabet, Days of the week, Month of the Year, etc.)
  • Use of Technology. (Duolingo enhances the reading and writing aspect of learning a new language.)
  • Specials with a Spanish Teacher (30 minutes a week of activities/instruction)


duolingo logo

As we are building our Program, get a jump start on your Spanish now by using Duolingo! This is a free app that can be used on any smartphone, electronic device or your computer/Chromebook. When you open the app, click on the LOG IN button in the upper right corner of the page and click Sign In With GOOGLE. 




Today’s economy is increasingly globalized, and this means that many of us are interacting across cultures in a way we never did before. In such an economy, the importance of learning a second language becomes self-evident. The importance of learning a second language is emphasized every day when we see the diversity of earth’s cultures and the amazing array of people that make up our global community.

Scientific studies have shown that learning a second language improves brain function and stimulates creativity. When you know a new language, you start to see connections you did not see before because every language approaches the world in a slightly different way. As a result, you have the opportunity to understand the world from the perspective of another culture and gain a greater appreciation of human society in all its diversity. As a consequence, the importance of learning a second language is again reinforced. You become not just equipped to communicate across cultures but empowered to understand others’ points of view.

Spanish- El Español

Primary Spanish- Ages 8-11

Quia Quizzes

Spanish Bicycle Race

 La Bamba Sound Puzzle

El Dilema de Dude Math Game

Alrededor del Mundo en 80 Segundos Math Game

Fun learning espanol

Puzzle Password Guess

ìEmily Va a La Escuela! -  Learn vocabulary and to read in Spanish

Limpia tu Gramática- Nouns and Verbs

Diagramando a la Ciencias

ìAquí, Clifford! -More stories!

Clifford's Big Dig! -más cuentos

Donde esta Emily? - another super story

Piñata Concentration Game

 Anacleta's Color Games - Colores

 Anacleta's Number Games- Números

 Anacleta's Calendar and Birthday Games

Calendar Days of the Week Jig Word Game

 Anacleta's Personal Info Games

 Anacleta's Weather Games

Color Toe Nail Sequence Game

 Color Multiple Choice Quiz

 Animal Vocabulary Games

Spanish Alphabet

Learn Parts of the Face

Learn Face Parts

 Learn Body Parts

Anacleta's Parts of the Body Games

Body Part Jig Words

 Body Parts Spelling Speed Game

Body Parts Word Web

  Learn School and Office Words

Learn Clothing Vocabulary

Clothing Jig Word Game

 Spanish Clothing Word Web

Learn Furniture Names

 Learn Kitchen Words

Learn Bathroom Words

Learn Days of the Week

 Telling Time

 Learn Food Words 1

Learn Food Words 2

Learn Fruits

Learn Vegetables

Flash Card Activities

 Noun Match Puzzle

 La Cucaracha Song - Animation

 Sports/Activities Jig Word Game

Daily Routines Jig Word Game

 Illness Vocabulary

Weather Jig Word Game

Hungry Frog Vocabulary Game

Hungry Vacuum Vocabulary Game



Fun learning English

Phoneme Checker- with British accent

Interactive English exercises(challenging)

Nina the Naming Newt

It's Greek to Me!

Nina loves to Name Things! Help her!

Listen, Spell, and Learn Adjectives

 Basic Phrases!

Learn Vocabulary here!

Hang Mouse  (like Hangman)




More Languages to Explore 

Fun learning Deutscch

Internet Picture Dictionary

Learn the Basics in: English, Spanish, French, German

Learning Korean

Primary French


Fun learning francais